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Exotic - w4m 22yr (El Segundo, California )
come relax with me..you wont regret it... 30yr (El Segundo, California )
I like looking at guys who keep their "package" neat. Closely trimmed hair above the cock, nsa dating of the cock shaved clean and hairless balls and crack. I see this look in PORN flicks so this must be IN.

I met a lady a few years back who had come out of a nasty relationship, I knew she was on the rebound & we agreed to go out & just have no strings sex. I was fine with this, but ultimately it was I who wanted more>>

looking for a tits lover - w4m (El Segundo, 90245 , Los Angeles County)
Not long ago, sitting in a job i hated, online, soaking wet from IM'ing a cool guy...I thought to myself...wouldn't it be cool......to try and do what i LOVE for a living.I love men. Sex. Dress up. Cams. The whole thing. I could do it day and night. Esp with no strings attached smart, imaniative man who pockets are jingling just a bit, right next to where his......well...you know what is rising. I am dianadirty87 on yahoo and aim .

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Needs some relaxation?? nsa singles me... - w4m 22yr (90245, El Segundo, CA, Los Angeles County)
Beautiful brunet!!!

out? - w4m 25yr (90245, El Segundo, California)
Im bored. I know seeking nsa a little late, but Im a student who doesn't work so I want to go out and do something. Maybe grab a drink in the last few hours. Is any one feeling restless tonight? Let me know. Send a pic and ill give you one back. I want to see who im going out with. Sorry if that bothers you.Let me know if youre free

MASSAGES no strings attached READY NNOWW - w4m (El Segundo, 90245, CA )

A feeling called love - w4m 32yr (90245, El Segundo, CA)
I am in search of a guy with nice tall looks and a seductive smile I am a shopaholic a nsa dating site spoiled too, it turns me on when a guy spoils me Tired of loneliness... Can anyone help me Young cub seeking cougar women for cougar dating Just don?t be a drunkard Wanna try me send a message

It’s nearly impossible to tell simply by looking at her whether a woman is on the prowl for no-strings-attached sex, but if she’s alone at a bar after midnight on a Tuesday, chances are she’s not there for the rockin’ jukebox>>

I was meant for someone who welcomes a challenge - w4m 25yr (El Segundo, California )
I'm an acquired taste. I've come to terms with that. Perhaps I'm your type perhaps not. no strings attached find out shall we?Well, let's begin with the basics. I have dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings and have a build that polite people refer to as "rubenesque". My face is my best feature. I have a healthy self-esteem. Still with me? good.Of course I know who Zakk Wylde is. Are you familiar with the vitamin string quartet? Booth and the bad angel? Of course everyone knows venus in furs, right? What was that soundtrack with that mushroomhead song on it? Each person in my phone has a different ring tone mostly because I hate listening to the same thing over and over. Which ring tone would you be? How lame am I for asking? If I was any good at writing personal ads it would be unnerving, wouldn't it?Truth is, it'd be cool to have someone to come along while I go to concerts, watch roller derby, sneak into cirque de soleil, design tattoos, camp, hike, drink, play big buck hunter, learn to breathe fire, watch cartoons, dissect the realism of a gunfight on tv, spend all day in bed, make scrambled eggs at 3am, and go on 'nature hikes' to the nearest dutch brothers.....

Looking for a pretty plus size girl? - w4m 25yr (90245, CA, Los Angeles County)
the best investment you can make is in yourself. That being said why not spend a little time treating no strings attached to someone who knows what that means? '~six24~nine4ninel